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Legal Shield

Get access to professional consultation, letters and phone calls, contract and document review, 24/7 emergency access, trial defense services, court representation, and other benefits.

Small Business

Your Small Business Legal Plan can help with any business legal matter and provides access to legal consultation, document and contract review, debt collection letters, legal forms, and other features.

ID Shield

The most comprehensive identity protection and reputation management solution available. IDShield provides TransUnion credit monitoring and alerts, social media and dark web monitoring for enhanced privacy protection, privacy expert support and an identity restoration guarantee. 

Gun Supplement

Owning guns increases the potential liability of our members. To better protect yourself and your family, consider adding LegalShield’s Gun Owner Supplement.

  • Phone consultations and 24/7 emergency access
  • Trial defense services on civil and criminal lawsuits
  • NFA Gun Trust services

Home Business Supplement

Our Home Business Supplement gives you access to legal support so you can have peace of mind. Focus on working your business while LegalShield focuses on protecting your legal needs and rights.

  • Unlimited consultation
  • IRS Audit services
  • Letters, phone calls and collection letters.

Ride Share Supplement

When you drive for a living, the chances of receiving a ticket go up exponentially. Paying fines cuts into your income and points on your driving record can disqualify you from working for popular rideshare and delivery services.

  • Unlimited calls and consultation
  • Document review to protect you
  • 25% discounts on legal matters outside of your plan.

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Protection for your family, your business & your personal identity

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